Prince Garen of Irrenda

"Rightful Emperor of Unia"


Prince Garen’s goal is simple – complete world domination. 3000 years ago, he nearly succeeded, but was stopped by . . . something. His patron, the Demon Lord Graz’zt, was displeased, and Garen’s afterlife was one of ceaseless torture and suffering.

Perhaps moved by his former favorite’s pleading (or perhaps out of curiosity), Graz’zt has decided to give Garen another chance. Garen has returned to Unia for a final chance to fulfill his goal. What awaits him if he should fail is torment beyond the imagination of mortal men.

Garen, driven even more insane by his time in the Abyss, has gathered an army to his side. This time, he is determined not to fail, no matter the cost.

Prince Garen of Irrenda

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