Not so Regal Highborn Monk


Father in prison, mother dead. Sister in prison, sister in hiding. Boyfriend dead, engaged to another.

Sometimes it’s better if they don’t ask what’s wrong in my life. The other list is much shorter…


Asha’Yara’Dain’s Guide to her hysterically outrageous family history

Hello and welcome to “Asha’Yara’Dain’s Guide to her hysterically outrageous family history”. The Dain family has lived a prestigious life among the Elven folk. You may know my Father Karthus’Magnus’Dain for his work as an accomplished author of books such as “Being born a prodigy” and “Money, power and a little fun”. As many of you may know already the Dain family has always been one of power and prestige. The family tree dates back over 1200 years ago with my great great grand father Wilhem’Tolic’Dain.

Wilhem was born the son of a knight known as Willium’Tarth’Dain knight of the High Preist Gallium. Willium trained his son Wilhem to become a strong warrior such as himself. Although Willium died tragically at war around Wilhem’s 145th name day. Wilhem became a knight just as his father did and won the heart of the High Priest’s daughter Silvia Moorewind. Soon after they were married Silvia was with child that they then named Holic’Gallium’Dain after the high priest. Holic was to become a knight just as his father and his fathers father. However, around his 40th name day they noticed his adept skills in the arcane. Holic was sent to an Academy in Hal-winter to train as a powerful Warlock.

Holic met his wife Copper Oakin soon after returning home from his arcane training. Although his father had become quite noble, Holic remained humble in his power. Often helping the poor and less fortunate. Copper and Holic tried for a child over the next decade. Although it seemed futile they were blessed with a miracle child, a boy, whom which they named Karthus’Magnus’Dain. Karthus was never pressured to be anything he was not. He had no magical abilities nor an interest in being a noble Knight or priest. Karthus was renown as a scholar. Graduating from academy after only 1 year, becoming top of the class and considered a prodigy. At the age of 14 Karthus was offered a job as a professor at the Academy and changed the name Dain forever.

At the age of 50 Karthus met my mother Tasha Silverkin the daughter of a Highelf Ruler in a neighboring kingdom. Karthus thought this marriage was quite profitable and a wise decision in order to increase power in the 2nd elven Kingdom. At the age of 56 Karthus’s wife Tasha bore triplets, all girls. This gave way to the new era of the Dain family. First born by an 11 minute difference was Lyra’Mara’Dain. Lyra took after her grandfather Holic as an adept artist of the arcane. Second born by 7 minutes, Olma’Oakley’Dain, took after our father Karthus as another child prodigy of Scholar nature. Last and for sure the least impressive was me, Asha’Yara’Dain. I am not an accomplished scholar, priest, knight or warlock. I was born the smallest of the three and for sure the weakest.

Around my 42nd name day my father became so disappointed in me that he sent me to “study” at a chapel for a god we didn’t worship to become a monk. To be honest I think it was so he never had to look at me. Over the years while in my solitude I heard of the great feats my family accomplished. Lyra had become one of the most powerful Warlocks in the 2nd elven kingdom, if not the most powerful. She ofter bragged over the great feats she had to overcome. Olma was too absorbed in her studies to deal with, as she put it, a “Ditz-Brain” such as myself. It is true, I often forget things. However, I am not as weak as they think I am. One day I will prove to them all that I am just as important as they are. With no knowledge of the world outside the 2nd kingdom, I journeyed to find an adventure of my own. A way to become stronger and prove myself not only to my family but to myself.

This is were my story begins…..
Now was I suppose to leave tomorrow or the day after……


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